Expedia: Usability Analysis

The study explored and compared the usability of Expedia's website and their mobile app. We designed and conducted usability sessions to gather user-centric data. Finally, we made design recommendations, based on our analysis of the data.

The full report is available here



Stage 1 
Identified basic tasks a user would perform on Expedia (mobile, website).

Stage 2 
Defined scenarios and tasks based on the findings.

Stage 3 
Created Personas.

Stage 4
Conducted Cognitive Walkthrough & Heuristics on both platforms.

Stage 5 
Drafted a test script that encompasses every scenario and task.

Stage 6 
Conducted a pilot run and recruit participants to participate in user evaluations.

Stage 7 
Recruited participants to participate in user evaluations.

Stage 8
Conducted user evaluations.

Stage 9
Analyzed video recordings and transcribe user quotes for qualitative data.

Stage 10 
Analyzed video recordings to gather quantitative data such as 
number of clicks, time on task etc.

Stage 11
Created an Expert Usability Evaluation Report with 
detailed explanation of the issues encountered and recommendations.


My Role

User Researcher

Visual Designer


My Key Contributions

Domain Research

Usability Sessions

Design Recommendations

High-Fidelity Mockups



Administration of User Study
Competitive Analysis 



SilverBack Pro
Quicktime Recorder
AZ Screen Recorder
Click Points Tracker

Tasks and User Demographics


System Usability Scale Results


Other Quantitative Results


Task Completion

Time on Task

Overview of Issues and Recommendations


The full report can be viewed here