Ducklings is designed to be an add-on to Google drive to aid parents to create, collaborate and share memories of their children.

Problem Space


     "Parents struggle to organize and collaborate over recording memories of their               children."


Parents are motivated and excited to document and share the growth of their child. The depth of details and variety of documentation is limitless and the fear of missing out makes them generate a large amount of artifacts like photos and videos. In addition,parents aren't always around to care for their child and other members of their circle, like grandparents or nannies, may also generate memory artifacts. This leaves them with the daunting task to organize them.


Domain Research

We interviewed parents with children between ages 6 months - 5 years. After the interviews, we did a quick review of existing applications which aid in creation of memories.


We used affinity diagram and thematic network to organize and make sense of the data we gathered. The affinity diagram helped us organize and "see" our data and the thematic network helped us identify the pressing overarching pain points. 


My Role

Interaction Design Lead

User Researcher

Visual Designer


My Key Contributions

Domain Research


Low-Fidelity Mockups

High-Fidelity Mockups

Interactive Prototype




Affinity Diagramming

Thematic Networking

Persona Creation





Balsamiq Mockups




The Struggle

The pain points of the target population can be boxed under the following categories. 

  • Too many artifacts from multiple sources to track.

  • Time-consuming to keep memories organized.

  • Privacy concerns.

Target Users



Bearing these requirements in mind, I facilitated a brainstorming session during which came up with several possible solutions.

Storyboarding and the personas aided in choosing the solution. 


The Solution

An add-on to cloud storage which aids in visually organizing and collaborating with other members in their children's life like, family or Nannies to create comprehensive memories. A plugin is better suited to allow parents to organize and create memories as the time spent in adding memories to another application is minimized. In addition, it serves as an extra limb to an application users already trust and endorse. 


Levels of Privacy

Multiple Views of Memories

Collaborate with Family Members


We created low fidelity prototype using Balsamiq. The low fidelity prototype helped us consolidate workflows and interactions. We used the low fidelity prototype for user evaluations and incorporated the findings into the high fidelity prototype.

I created the high fidelity prototype using Adobe Photoshop and Invision.